Why a Constantine game is exactly what DC needs

John Constantine is one of DC’s darkest superheroes and could be the perfect addition to the CC gaming universe. After the long absence of WarnerBros and Rocksteady from DC games, Gotham Knights, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice Leagueand wonder woman should all be released in the coming years. However, these companies should start investing in John Constantine as a standalone character to attract new players and fans. Additionally, his character and stories could introduce new enemies and lore to the DC gaming universe and pave the way for some serious virtual expansion for Rocksteady Studios and WB Montreal.


Unlike Bruce Wayne in the Batman: Arkham series or Diana Prince of wonder woman, John Constantine is not a noble hero with completely selfless goals. John Constantine is originally from Liverpool but works mainly in London; Unlike other DC benefactors, Constantine is an anti-hero wizard who lives outside the House of Mystery and battles demons, devils, and Satan himself. His magical abilities are among the strongest on the planet, and Constantine has survived many situations that would have defeated many members of the Justice League or lesser supernatural beings. John Constantine primarily stars in the Hellraiser series, but has had crossovers with Batman, Zatanna, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League Dark organization.

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Many DC characters are overlooked in video games, but NetherRealm Studios almost included Constantine in their first AAA title (apart from DC Universe Online). Injustice 2 almost added a John Constantine character, but NetherRealm scrapped the idea for unknown reasons. Thankfully, the character has received significant love from Matt Ryan’s portrayal in animated and live-action projects. Constantine, Legends of Tomorrow, Flash, Constantine City of Demons, Justice League Darkand Justice League Dark: Apokolips War are just a few of the projects the character has been featured in. With such dedicated character representation, a video game seems like the next logical step.

A John Constantine game could connect to Wonder Woman

wonder woman game nemesis system confirmed

upcoming dc wonder woman the game promises to be a refreshing change of pace from the Batman: Arkham series, relive shadow of war and Shadow of Mordorof the Nemesis system and adopting a new scenario. wonder woman also takes place in a new location outside of Gotham, and Suicide Squad: Kill Justice explore Metropolis. However, John Constantine could explore several areas overseas and in other dimensions, including Liverpool, London, the House of Mystery, and Hell itself. DC has generally established that magical beings exist alongside mortals and non-magical individuals, and a John Constantine game could explore that. Wonder Woman is also a magical member of the Justice League team and could potentially serve as a starting point for the character.

Wonder Woman frequently works with members of the Justice League associated with the magical side of the universe, working to negate cosmic threats beyond the realms of logic or science. His status as a demigod allows him to avoid harmful side effects from various enemies. Additionally, its mythological roots might introduce more cosmic beings that John Constantine faces, like Greek gods or monsters. If the wizard appears in WB Montreal wonder woman game, it could easily lead to the development of a John Constantine title, especially if he appears in a repeat supporting role that assists Diana in her conflict.

John Constantine is not a fighter like Batman or Wonder Woman

Batman Arkham Origins Bane Boss Combat

Since John Constantine doesn’t fight with brute force like Batman or Wonder Woman, a Constantine game could explore different combat mechanics from Batman: Arkhamthe game of. Learning and using magic spells against demonic hordes introduces the possibility of new skill trees and abilities separate from physical prowess. Additionally, Constantine uses many magical artifacts to power up his abilities or prevent enemies from obtaining dangerous items. As players collect these items in an open-world environment to rank up their wizard, Constantine could unlock new attacks, spells, and items to control in battle. As Batman unlocks abilities for his vehicles, suit, and arsenal, a Constantine game could feature upgrades that allow John to take on more demonic beings and defeat more powerful foes.

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the Batman: Arkham games focused on verticality, with most players spending their time on rooftops and gliding around Gotham. However, a Constantine game could allow players to experience different locations on the field. Hellraiser frequently depicts Constantine visiting occult bars, secret societies, hidden churches, and pockets between dimensions. Unlike DC’s Superman and Wonder Woman, who are considered gods, and Batman, who has become an urban legend, John Constantine frequently interacts with the lowest members of mortal and magical society.

Constantine’s frequent (and occasional) dealings with demons and devils introduce a new world to explore, where “evil” creatures can be used as a means to an end. Additionally, being confined to the streets in shadowy areas with mystical threats presents a much more suspenseful atmosphere to utilize. Swapping development tools focused on mobility and verticality with accessible buildings, NPCs, and combat sequences could be the key to creating the perfect Constantine Game. While the Justice League seems perfect and untouchable, John Constantine might be the answer to a more relatable (and cursed) protagonist.

John Constantine Could Lead To A Dark Justice League Game

Injustice 2 Cropped concept art by John Constantine

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League features characters like Flash and Superman in a Batman: Arkham-style game but places them in villainous roles under Brainiac’s control. Considering just how incredibly powerful the Justice League is, it’s no surprise that it took WarnerBros so long to use a super-powered protagonist. The lopsided combat and destructive abilities of heroes other than Batman are difficult to introduce, but the magical threats provide a significant buffer between the mortal world and comic logic. With a wonder woman game on the way, a Constantine The video game would work perfectly for introducing the Justice League Dark storyline or exploring new threats and characters. While various movies and TV shows mostly focus on core members of the Justice League, video games could thrive with overlooked characters like Zatanna, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, and more.

While fans can look forward to many upcoming DC games like wonder woman, Gotham Knightsand Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, it’s unclear when a new character might step into the spotlight. However, there are plenty of opportunities for John Constantine to headline his own game and bring a darker theme to the DC gaming universe. Introducing magical combat, demons, and mature themes could attract new players and fans while ensuring DC games don’t stagnate. While it’s unclear if Constantine will ever receive his own game, fans can expect several CC games currently in development.

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