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there is no doubt. COVID-19 has had a monumental impact on the whole world. Virtually every industry has been impacted in some way, but the online tutoring industry has seen significant change over the past few years and unlike many industries the changes have been mostly positive. . While we all want to see an end to the illnesses and deaths caused by this pandemic, it’s nice to see certain industries such as online education thriving.

An increase in teaching pathways

Teaching is no longer based on stagnant classroom experience. We are no longer confined by the walls of an institution, but by the floods of information available on the internet. Educational tools such as apps and online programs can teach us a lot, but it’s the investment of the online tutor that tends to have the most impact. The avenues of education today are incredibly vast. A teacher can choose to teach students online via live video streams, pre-recorded lessons, or have the full classroom experience, just like with in-person learning.

Online tutor jobs have exploded due to the number of opportunities available. Online tutors are in every industry from baking to learning a new language and all the educational opportunities in between. If you can imagine it, there are probably online teaching jobs out there for it and it’s ideal for promising teachers looking to break into the online tutoring industry or those looking to retire from their classroom teaching position.

More certification options

While anyone can come up with a series of online tutorials that students can access, certification is the key ingredient to having an online tutoring career and thanks to the pandemic there are plenty of ways to receive certification. high quality that your students can trust. Online resource certifications allow you to do more with your career and show your students that you know what you’re talking about. These certifications don’t require a degree, just proof of knowledge, so if you fancy teaching, get an online certification.

Improved technology for online teaching

The growth of online tutoring can certainly be attributed to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but how has this growth been justified? The growth would not have been possible without investments in improving technology for online teaching purposes. Today, progress has been made in programs such as Google Classroom and Zoom where teachers can see and track their students’ progress. the Virtual classroom has become just as important as the physical, which is great for the online tutoring industry. The ability to engage an entire classroom from your computer wouldn’t have been an option even 5 years ago.

More desire to learn in adults

A teacher is nothing without students to teach and luckily there is no shortage of enthusiastic students in today’s digital world. The education industry was once strictly devoted to elementary, secondary and college education, but we have seen a resurgence in the industry in recent years, where more and more adults are investing in opportunities. of learning. Career changes and even learning languages ​​to thrive in their current career are becoming more common among adults around the world.

We’ve also seen significant growth in the number of companies investing in online training options for new and existing employees. Large companies and even the smallest ones have finally discovered how profitable continuous training can be for their bottom line. By investing in the training of their current employees, they can access various markets around the world and significantly improve their growth potential.

Companies regularly allow employees to take online courses while they are at work in an effort to grow their business as a whole. Investing in learning a new language is one of the most common avenues for online learning from a business perspective. Empowering their employees to continue learning is the best way to plan and positively impact the future.

How much has online tutoring grown and will it continue?

In the first year of the pandemic, 2020, the growth of the online tutoring industry has been substantial. A growth of more than 50% in online teaching jobs has been reported. With schools turning to digital learning pathways due to local and national requirements, growth was certainly expected. In 2021, we saw many schools allowing students to return to class, but overall the online education industry still grew by 32%. Websites such as Preply.com are doing their part to provide working teachers with a way to find qualified online tutoring jobs.

It might seem that just looking at the numbers, the tutoring industry is starting to slow down, but you have to keep in mind that 2020 has been a very rare year in many ways. Still, for the following year, a 32% increase is certainly impressive. According to recent studies, the growth rate is expected to be 15.6% per year between 2021 and 2028. As we see more and more students become more comfortable with the online classroom and teachers adapt to the use of virtual learning as an option, we will definitely see more growth for the online tutoring industry in the coming years.

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