Virgin and O2 give free mobile data to struggling families – see if you qualify


The two telecommunications giants have launched a national database with 319 million hours of internet use to donate to more than 200,000 people in need across Britain

Free internet will support the 7 million people in the UK who currently do not have access

Low-income families will be able to access mobile data for free with a new program to help more households get online.

Virgin Media and O2 have launched a national database with 319 million hours of Internet use to donate to over 200,000 people in need.

Free connectivity will launch in the UK in November and will support the 7 million people in the UK who do not have internet access.

It will be available as data vouchers or SIM cards and will be distributed by 5,000 community groups across the UK.

The Internet will be tested in 10 community organizations in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Free connectivity to launch in UK in November



Drivers have already been launched at Northumberland, Birmingham, Inverness, Liverpool, Stockport, Hounslow, North Shields, Belfast and Llanelli – with a final cross yet to be confirmed.

The trial is only available to existing service users and staff will contact those who qualify.

To get involved, you can apply directly to your local Good Things Foundation center.

The database will be open to other mobile and broadband service providers to donate hours of internet to those who cannot afford it.

Helen Milner OBE, Managing Director of the Good Things Foundation, said: “Having enough data in our increasingly digital society isn’t nice to have, it’s absolutely essential.

“If you’re not online, you can’t save on products and services, help your kids participate in home learning, and apply for jobs.”

Which centers offer free data?

Being a Woman – Ashington (Northumberland)

Smartlyte Limited – Birmingham

The Liberty Project – Inverness

Kensington Community Learning Center – Liverpool

Starting Point Community Learning Partnership – Stockport

ACDA Skills Training – Hounslow

Age Concern Tyneside South – North Shields – Belfast

CETMA – Llanelli, Wales

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