Travel expert shares tip for avoiding ‘awful’ meals on long-haul flights

A travel expert has issued advice on how jet-setters can avoid “awful” meals on long-haul flights.

Justin Barnes worked as a flight attendant for 12 years and shared his tips on Facebook. The former cabin crew member posted the advice in response to “numerous complaints” he sees criticizing the quality of the plane’s food on the social media platform.

Justin explained that the food on the plane is prepared in advance and reheated during the flight. He said: “Airlines have to provide thousands of meals a week.

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Economy meals are usually made in huge factories in Europe, producing millions of meals a year at the best possible price, frozen and then shipped everywhere. The most high-end meals are prepared in huge, large kitchens at airports and then refrigerated so they’re a little ‘fresher’ – as Manchester Evening News reports.

The ex-stewardess said that means the food “will never be amazing” and advised passengers to ensure they are well stocked with their own snacks for the long journey. He added: “It can be good sometimes or edible at best, or it can be downright awful.

“So my advice is this. In your carry-on, pack yourself a ton of snacks, drinks, sweets, and fruit (for God’s sake, make sure you eat this!) and whatever else takes your fancy. If you have this attitude, then when you are served something that you don’t like or you can’t eat or won’t eat, you won’t be hungry.

Justin shared some of the craziest experiences he had with hungry customers while a flight attendant, including asking crew to just ‘hit a sandwich’ or accusing them of ruining the whole vacation because they didn’t have their first choice meal. .

He added: “If you follow this advice, you won’t have to shout in the face of the cabin crew that you’ll only eat chicken and demand that they do something after you’re taken care of. said he was exhausted.”

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