The pop-up market along the canal is expected to open for public holidays


A pop-up market that should kick off Bootle’s regeneration has been approved on an empty site next to The Strand.

Plans approved by Sefton council last week will see 10 shipping containers set up at the former post site near the canal to serve as food and drink stalls, as well as an ‘urban garden’ and space. event.

The site will host its first event during the August holiday to test the council’s plans for the region, with a longer-term opening slated for later in the year.

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The council hopes the market will boost the city’s economy and attract more people to the area, also providing additional customers to surrounding businesses.

Cllr Ian Maher, Head of Sefton Council, said: “We are proudly and passionately engaged in the regeneration of Bootle which has been hit hard by the pandemic and has too often been overlooked.

“Our transformation plans will positively contribute to the local and regional economy through job creation and act as a catalyst for larger investments, bringing much needed interest and attention to an area of ​​our borough that is teeming with abundance. of opportunities.

“I am pleased with our progress as we continue on the path to regenerating one of our beloved city centers, the granting of a building permit for Bootle Canalside brings a key project closer and I know exciting times await Bootle. “

Other plans for the region include a £ 14.5million offer from the government to fund a virtual reality ‘flying theater’.

There are also plans to invest more in The Strand, including the possibility of converting some units in the mall to non-commercial facilities.

It would bring new uses to the ailing council-owned shopping center, which lost £ 3million last year and could lose an additional £ 3million over the next three years.

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