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The solution was bloody and brutal. When the mob decided that those who had once driven, fed and cared for them had reached their expiration date, they came looking for them with spears and clubs. Sometimes they even buried them alive.

And no, we’re not talking about the ritual bloodletting that Labor undergoes after most federal elections.

The Ache were a tribe of Paraguayan hunter-gatherers who believed they had only one choice when faced with their elderly and infirm: to euthanize them using the only methods available.

“We react with horror to these stories but… what else could they do?” asked famed anthropologist Jared Diamond, who has spent years investigating how different cultures treat their elderly. “People in these societies face a stark choice.”

As the two main party leaders clashed in their first ‘debate’ last night before an audience of 100 undecided voters in Brisbane, the issue of aged care emerged as a belated campaign issue. You might have thought it would come to the fore after the findings of a royal commission which only a year ago described our treatment of the elderly as nothing short of appalling and a cause for national shame. But as a nation, we tend to be awfully good at ignoring the horrible.

Fiona Katauskas’ point of view

For the first time in this campaign, Labor leader Anthony Albanese’s voice quivered with passion when asked yesterday morning about an impending strike by workers in aged care facilities. “It’s hard work,” he said. “They’re faced with circumstances where they’re in a care home and they have three rings at the same time. Who are they going to raise? We have people who live in their own soil, unable to be changed for years. We have 50% – the royal commission found this this is not a Labor party against a Liberal party – that over 50% of residents of aged care facilities are not getting the nutrition that they need. They are literally starving. It’s a crisis in this country.”

Politicians on all sides will no doubt engage in cheap points over the next four weeks on how many more billions of dollars to spend on an already incredibly complex problem that, with our rapidly aging society, will only get worse. complicate.

But since when is caring for older Australians only a matter of political, budgetary or social solutions? Isn’t this one of those topics that demands a real national debate given what the current flawed system says about our youth-focused culture and our contempt and even contempt for those who came before us ? Elder care is barely mentioned in polls of voters on what matters this election. How many stories of care residents left alone uncleaned for days and photographs of soft poop unfit for a dog do we need to effect a cultural shift?

There is no point in blaming governments and politicians. Australia’s wealth should mean we face less cruel choices in caring for our elderly. But after decades of neglect, abuse and malnutrition, good luck trying to make the case that we are so much more advanced than a tribe of Paraguayan hunters and gatherers.

HAVE YOUR SAY: Have you or a family member had experience with the elder care system? How can Australia improve its treatment and respect for our elderly? And if you saw last night’s debate (it ended too late for The Echidna’s deadline), who was the best performer? Send us your views: [email protected]

The Coalition has revealed it will reintroduce its previously scrapped industrial relations legislation if re-elected, covering company negotiations, wage theft and increased fines for union officials found guilty of breaking the law . Labor called the move an attack on unions and a ploy to keep wages low.

– The latest ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence Index, which is often used as a guide to household spending, rose more than 2% following the Government’s fuel excise duty cuts in the Budget federal last month.

– Two-thirds of young voters said they thought they could never own a home in their area, according to a poll by Nine Newspapers.

– Scott Morrison visited Liberal headquarters in Boothby in South Australia to announce a $50 million commitment to invest in defense research in partnership with the University of Adelaide.

THEY SAID IT: “Loyalty is a fine quality. But in excess it fills political graveyards.” – Neil Kinnock, former leader of the British Labor Party.

“We don’t want our own little Cuba off our coast.” – Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce on the security pact between China and the Solomon Islands.

“I am writing this from my provided hospice bed as I have been sent home to die. I am 85 years old and although I am a Liberal supporter I can point to the failures of Scott Morrison and the Libs. He has failed to acknowledge the plight of pensioners and welfare recipients and fails to recognize the struggles they face on a daily basis When, Mr Morrison, leader of my party, will you stand up and help these desperate people ? ” – Rock.

“Dear Mr. Albanese and Morrison. Median house prices in Sydney are rising by $1100 a day in 2021. Has our nation just been stratified by inflation into ‘land gentry’ and ‘permanent tenants’? What are your plans to stop inflation and make housing a “commodity” that, like bread, grows 2-4% a year, not 20-40%? – James.

“Politics seems to be a dirty word in this latest ideas contest. I really don’t care about the political half-truths that the two major parties tell the voting public. What I would like is a political vision to make advancing younger generations towards achieving a more compassionate Australia – a nation that cares about climate change and truly cares about First Nations people.” – Richard.

“Would you release all detained refugees, including the Biloela family, and grant them Australian citizenship as a reward for the torture they have suffered? – Murray.

“I would like to know what, if anything, is being done to address poor mobile coverage. I live in a vibrant rural town 4 hours from Sydney. We live in the CBD area and never get more than 2 service bars. It’s very poor. Surely there’s a better way? Satellites maybe? – Sally.

“I find this concept of a ‘debate’ a little weird. The two people who want to lead our country are having a ‘debate’ on Sky News to feed? I don’t even know where we can tune in. I’m probably not alone. – Maureen.

“Now that I’m getting older, I’d like to move into an apartment or townhouse in the next few years. I don’t mind if the value of my detached house drops, as long as there is a corresponding drop in value. of properties that I would be interested in buying.” – Deb.

“Today’s political scene is littered with lies. It has become commonplace to present unashamed lies. It’s mostly the Labor Party.” – Wayne.

“Will a suspended parliament allow all members to finally work together for the good of the nation? Supporting Labor or the Liberals no longer seems fair.” – Samantha.

This story It’s Horrible How We Treat Our Elderly first appeared in The Canberra Times.

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