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Scott Morrison has dismissed Labor’s economic plan as smoke and mirrors as both sides remain under pressure to explain how they would ease the cost of living.

The Prime Minister has been on the defensive this week in the face of inflation rising more than 5% for two decades, saying factors beyond the government’s control have led to an increase in daily consumer goods.

“I understand that Australians are facing pressure on the cost of living. I understand that there is increasing pressure on interest rates,” he said.

“The impacts on inflation come well beyond Australia’s coasts and certain factors, particularly more recently when they impact fruit and vegetable prices due to recent flooding.”

Help would be given to struggling Australians in the form of tax breaks and one-off payments for pensioners, Mr Morrison said as he boosted his government’s economic credentials.

“The reason we can do it is because of a strong economy. The reason we can do it is because of the way we handle money,” he said.

“These are very uncertain times and Australians don’t know what their economic plan is because Labor doesn’t have one. Labor doesn’t have the record of running the economy.”

Labor has hit back at the government’s economic record, with Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese saying the government never takes responsibility for economic downturns and always seeks to blame other factors.

“I will make that very clear. They will be better off under a Labor government than under a Morrison government that says life is easy now,” he said.

“(The government measures) all end as soon as people vote. They are all short-term.”

But Labor have struggled to put a figure on exactly how much better off Australians would be under their government or how much cheaper everyday items would be as they criticize the cost of fruit and vegetables under Mr Morrison’s watch.

“We’re making their child care cheaper, we’re making their electric bills cheaper, we’re making their health care cheaper and more accessible. And we’re making their real wages move again,” Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers said. .

“This is how we ease the cost of living pressures on Australian families.”

The Prime Minister is due to start the day in Sydney on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Mr Albanese is in Perth with senior Labor MPs to launch the party’s official campaign as he works his way into government across Western Australia.

Mr Chalmers accused the Government of abandoning WA and taking on Prime Minister Mark McGowan as Labor seeks to overthrow the seats of Pearce, Swan and Hasluck.

“We can’t have another three years of Scott Morrison playing one state against another. We can’t have another three years of Scott Morrison playing politics, trying to divide east and west,” he said. -he declares.

“The choice in this election is between Anthony Albanese working with Mark McGowan, or Scott Morrison working with Clive Palmer,

Mr Albanese will use the launch to unveil a new housing policy, where a Labor government would give homebuyers up to 40% equity to buy a home.

The Greens have also launched a policy for LQBTQI Australians to achieve equality, including through a bill of rights to strengthen the Federal Anti-Discrimination Act and the appointment of a Minister for Equality and an LGBTQI human rights commissioner.

The policy is expected to cost more than $200 million a year for four years.

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