Susan Keogh leaves Newstalk because it’s ‘time for me to move on’


Broadcaster Susan Keogh has announced that she is leaving Newstalk after 11 years of working for Communicorp.

The well-known presenter, who ran his last Newstalk Breakfast show this morning, said “the time has come for me to move on” from his hour-long weekend slot.

The former Today FM reporter said that during her time at the company she had “had enormous opportunities and made lifelong friends.”

“I love the radio. I love the news. And I love stories. But I think we’ve all been changed by the events of the 15 month old paw. I certainly have. There is more I want to do and life is short! ” she said.

“I can come back to the radio when the time is right, but for now, I just want to say ‘thank you’.”

She expressed her gratitude to producer Stephen Jordan for “understanding the shared ambition I have always had for the series.”

She also thanked the journalists, politicians and pundits who gave up their weekend mornings in bed to join her on the air as well as the “ordinary people who shared their extraordinary experiences”.

“These people often go public with their stories in an effort to improve the society we live in or to help someone else in a similar situation,” she said.

“They often pay a great personal price in doing this and their courage will stay with me forever. Finally, the privacy of the radio is in my opinion unmatched so to those of you who have allowed me to get into your cars or your kitchens, or who have brought me on your walk, thank you and the privilege has always been mine.

“Nothing changes if nothing changes so for me it’s time to jump in and see where I land. Better days are coming for all of us.

The broadcaster told “I’m going to see where the road takes me. I’d love to come back to radio, but it would have to be the right choice, the type of thing that I’m passionate about, so we’ll see this. that is happening.

“I’m going to save my TV bits and have some freelance stuff for the summer. I want to let them dust off the ad for a while.”

She was inundated with messages after making her Twitter announcement this morning as people wished her luck in the future.

The Kildare-based journalist collaborated on a book with Martina Cox which was published last year and detailed Sean Cox’s heartbreaking assault outside Liverpool Anfield stadium in 2018.

Entitled With hope in your heart, he included a foreword from Jurgen Klopp and followed his health issues after the attack.

IMRO Gold Medalist in 2020, she started her career as a communications graduate at Kildare KFM station before joining Communicorp 11 years ago.

From mother to daughter Faith (9 years old), she lives in Kildare’s Ballysax with her presenter husband Stephen Keogh.

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