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Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Prime Minister Boris Johnson are presenting plans for free ports – areas with different customs rules – with the aim of boosting the British economy after Britain leaves the EU. Free ports are designed to be innovation hubs that stimulate the economy by offering tax breaks for investments in jobs and infrastructure.

But SNP ministers in Edinburgh put forward their own proposals for a concept north of the border known as “green ports” after walking away from talks with the UK government last month over the free port model.

Under the Scottish Government’s plans, strict employment standards and a net zero commitment would be imposed on ‘green port’ operators.

However, understands that UK ministers are now looking to push forward offers to create a free port on their own north of the border after exclude the SNP model.

Dundee, Cromarty Firth Harbor and Aberdeen are among the Scottish ports desperately seeking special status.

Whitehall insiders reported that options were being explored on how the creation of a Scottish Freeport would work, with a source saying the Scottish government was “playing political games” on the matter.

A UK government spokesperson added: ‘It is disappointing that despite relentless efforts to work together the Scottish government has so far chosen not to work with us to bring Freeports to Scotland.

“We will continue to work to ensure Scotland can reap the benefits of the model.

“Free ports will create hubs for global trade, support thousands of jobs, regenerate communities and boost post-Brexit post-Brexit growth, it’s all part of the UK government’s commitment to boost economic activity, leveling cities and regions across the UK. “

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A Scottish government spokesperson insisted that their ‘green port’ model could come with ‘existing powers’ held by the Scottish Parliament.

This despite certain powers such as tax breaks for investors controlled by Westminster.

They also stressed that “having more fiscal and other economic policy tools would greatly benefit the Scottish economy as a whole”.

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