Revised plans for more than 300 apartments on the outskirts of the city center

More than 300 new flats could be built on the edge of Liverpool city center if approved by the City Council’s planning committee.

The proposal, submitted by Sourced Development Group in conjunction with Sourced Construction Group Limited, aims to construct a residential complex which would include 310 apartments and two commercial units. The development would be a single block but with varying heights of seven, eight, nine and 10 storeys and would be built on derelict land owned by Kingsway Square Limited between Blackstock Street and Paul Street in Kirkdale .

A previous version of the program has been set for approval in February, subject to the signing of an agreement under Article 106 – the money paid by the promoter to whom goes towards infrastructure projects in the near area of the site. Plans called for nearly 400 apartments comprising 180 studios, 166 one-bed units and 46 two-bed units.

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However, the project was pulled from its planning committee meeting with council officers, citing concerns about whether the development was in line with the local plan. The local plan – a document that includes policies that set out key considerations for making decisions on development proposals in the city – had been used as a guiding planning document for the past year, but was officially introduced when it was approved by the full board in January.

A council report associated with the local plan published in January says: ‘New housing development is to increase the range of housing choices, types and tenures available in the town centre, including the provision of family housing in accordance with CC24 policy”.

The council’s report attached to the revised plans states: “As a result of seeking to comply with new local plan policies, the applicant has undertaken a number of other changes to the scheme, particularly in relation to the size and number of ‘units. The scheme was therefore lightened.

As a result, the revised program will now include 146 one-bed units and 156 two-bed units. It is stated that the claimant did not seek to further reduce the amount payable under the S106 bonds due to the reduction in the number of units available. This will remain at £740,000, which has been reduced from £1,146,971.70 following a viability report.

The council’s report describes the proposal “would assist in the planned mixed-use expansion in the Pumpfields area”. He adds: ‘The proposal would allow for the more efficient use of an underperforming urban wasteland with a stronger and more active built form which provides an improved backdrop to Vauxhall Road and other surrounding streets, and is therefore seen as complementary.”

According to a supporting document submitted by the developer, the program “will contribute to a sustainable mix of uses in an accessible location, benefiting the local economy and helping to regenerate the area”. It would also represent “a significant investment that will act as a catalyst for future future investments in the region”.

Joanne Karen Waller, Managing Director of Sourced Development Group Limited, said: “We are more than delighted to move forward with this development and we will have two live sites within walking distance of each other, creating jobs in the local economy and providing wonderful new housing options for the people of Liverpool.”

The revised scheme proposed by Sourced Development Group in conjunction with Sourced Construction Group Limited has been recommended for approval by Liverpool City Council, subject to the signing of a Section 106 agreement. The scheme will be presented to the committee planning on February 12.

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