Pimblett reveals how he hopes to give back to Liverpool

Paddy Pimblett wants to make a difference in his hometown.

Paddy Pimblett is the new kid on the block in the UFC. He burst onto the scene last year when he made his UFC debut. Pimbeltt is not new to MMA; however, he’s had a large following since his time with the UK-based Cage Warriors promotion, and that following has stuck with him and continues to grow.

Pimblett is one of Liverpool‘s biggest MMA personalities. Now that he’s in the “big show”, he wants to find a way to give back.

“Investing is something I need to start doing, and I’m going to start doing it very soon. But what I want to do first, to be honest, is I want to start with my own charity, a small foundation for the people of Liverpool, people who need help,” Pimblett told the UFC Unfiltered podcast. “There are a lot of people in my town who aren’t well off and haven’t taken advantage of the benefits I have and don’t have the opportunities I have, especially today’s young people in my city. I want to be able to give something back.

Paddy Pimblet

Pimblett already has his next fight in the UFC. He will make his UFC home debut when he fights Rodrigo Vargas at UFC London on March 19. Since joining the UFC, Pimblett has been called out by a few fighters. He is a fan favorite and an up-and-coming talent. His first-round knockout against Luigi Vendramini showed he could stand toe-to-toe with the top echelon of the MMA world.

Due to his brilliance and rapidly growing fan base, Pimblett can easily be compared to Conor McGregor. McGregor was able to capitalize on his success in the UFC and make a name for himself outside of fighting.

Taking a page from McGregor’s book could be Pimblett’s future, but he has a long way to go. If he continues to rack up wins, he will have the ability to do all the goodwill and business he wants to do.

Are you excited to see Paddy Pimblett back in action at UFC London?

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