Phil Foden and Jack Grealish show Man City’s biggest threat this season comes from within – Stuart Brennan

The biggest threat to Manchester City’s top honors challenge this season isn’t Liverpool or Chelsea. It’s themselves.

And while the Blues sail calmly at the top of the Premier League, recording eight victories on the rebound and qualifying for the knockout stage of the Champions League by propelling the favorites to first place in the group, the last thing Pep wants. Guardiola, that’s rubbish. flies in the ointment.

So his much smothered anger this week when it emerged that Phil Foden and Jack Grealish had stepped out into town after last week’s victory over Leeds is quite understandable.

At a time when lucidity and a little selfless sacrifice are required, regardless of the hypocrisy and lies of the selfish and selfish charlatans masquerading as a government, the actions of the two young England internationals are a serious disappointment.

And with Covid threatening to cut off part of the football season and – more importantly – to fill hospital beds to breaking point, being left on the bench for a game at Newcastle is a pretty light slap on the face of them. cuffs.

Grealish and Foden are not known to have broken club rules, unless it is considered an infraction that they appeared to have shown up to a warm-up the next day with a little less wear and tear. , so Guardiola’s retribution and a band-aid down is likely to be as far as it goes.

It’s easy to have sympathy for the duo, two boys in their early twenties, with wads of cash in their pockets and the world at their feet, who are asked to come home and put their slippers after a game.

But when you think of the nurses and other medical personnel who risk their health, lives and mental well-being in the war on Covid, of the people who have lost loved ones, or their own lives, in the most tragic circumstances, this sympathy is a thimble in a tank of doom.

In football terms alone, City have avoided an outbreak at their camp this winter as Kevin De Bruyne caught the virus while on international duty last month, while Kyle Walker has been ill for a week – the club declined to discuss his illness but it is not believed to be Covid.

Under normal circumstances, two young footballers who come out for a game, especially after a 7-0 spanking victory, would be perfectly acceptable.

When the club issued guidelines for their players and staff in an effort to prevent City from being ravaged by the omicron variant of Covid, as other clubs have been affected in the past fifteen weeks , it is far from being OK.

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They have to keep in mind that Pep Guardiola lost his own mother to this terrible curse, so when he talks about the need to protect society by taking the right steps and getting vaccinated, it comes from the heart.

There is also a risk to the health of the players themselves, although fit young men are not the most obvious risk from the virus.

De Bruyne said last week that he still feels the effects of his own entanglement with Covid when performing his usual field sprints.

The long-term legacy of Covid is not yet fully realized, among athletes or even in society at large.

Glory is signaling City again this season. In terms of controlling games and conserving energy, they are up a notch from last season’s excellent efforts.

Manchester City players celebrate after Bernardo Silva's goal against Manchester United

Manchester City have started their campaign strong, at the top of the Premier League and already qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League.

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If they maintain that level, the Premier League and the Champions League are here to win.

Their rivals are looking for cracks to appear, and Grealish and Foden have provided one.

The pair are well known to love a party, and there’s nothing wrong with that – the ability to let your hair fall away from the pitch and the training ground, is not only reasonable, it’s arguably beneficial. , as long as it’s inside the realms of common sense.

The fact that it’s Grealish and Foden must be particularly infuriating for Guardiola.

Foden is the poster of City, the kid of the academy who is at the heart of what the Blues want to accomplish over the next decade.

He’s got it all – he could establish himself as England’s greatest player of all time, win the Ballon d’Or and have an unprecedented brilliant career.

City Content’s hilarious Twitter account gave it the nickname “Skinfade Gascoigne”.

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Grealish is even more disappointing. He’s been on his big move for five months, after arriving at City amid talks about the desire to win the Champions League and fill his empty personal trophy cabinet.

He has done well enough on the pitch without really justifying the record breaking UK price tag of £ 100million, but on the downside, his romantic exploits off the pitch have seen him splash the tabloids.

The City boss wants his players to make positive headlines on the last page, not the front page.

They’re both young and dumb, rather than being bad guys, and hopefully the rap on Guardiola’s fingers will be enough to make them think twice.

If they don’t, and their reckless behavior impacts City’s march to greater glory this season, there is no doubt that the club and manager will act accordingly.

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