Peel Hunt investment bank seeks the ideal balance between work and work from home


Bank seeks ideal balance between work and work from home: Peel Hunt hopes to ‘heal scars left by pandemic’

Peel Hunt boss Steven Fine plans to let his 250 employees choose a ‘balance that works for them’

Peel Hunt is conducting an experiment to bring staff back to the office and “heal the scars left by the pandemic”.

The city’s investment bank, led by brokerage veteran Steven Fine, is asking all workers who aren’t vulnerable, sick or on vacation to come back to their desks for two weeks when lockdown restrictions lift to go up morale and injecting money back into the local economy.

After the fortnight back in the office, Fine plans to let his 250 employees choose a ‘balance that works for them’, but wants to ‘break the model of working from home and bring back human interaction to face to face. ”.

He told the Daily Mail: ‘I was surprised to see so many companies subsequently announcing major changes in their future working practices.

“From postponing decisions to extend a lease and reduce their office’s footprint to – in an increasing number of cases – embark on a permanent shift towards remote working, it seems the office’s supporters are slim.” in the field.

“But I don’t think anyone should be making big business decisions like this just based on short-term data.

As major city institutions such as HSBC and Lloyds Bank pledged to cut office space, Peel Hunt opened a new, larger headquarters on London’s Liverpool Street earlier this year.

Fine said: ‘To heal the scars left by the pandemic, we need the life force of every town and every town – its workforce – to return to the office.

“ We need them to breathe new life into the restaurants, cafes, bars and shops that depend on them, to reconnect face to face, to share ideas and build new relationships – and, ultimately, to drive the economic recovery that we all want to see.


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