Outgoing and incoming sessions:transfer of credit.


How long does it take for the transfer to be credited from the lender? The answer depends on several factors. One of the most important is the type of system in which the transaction is ordered. The most popular are Juicia transfers, however, Infotech loan companies are eager for faster solutions. Check what type of transfer is practically a guarantee of receiving money in a few minutes.

Juicia transfer – what is it?

Juicia transfers are a mechanism created and developed by the National Clearing House. Established in 1994. Juicia sessions include transactions between 41 banks in Poland. These are standard transfers which take up to 2 hours to complete

Direct debits can be directed to the system regardless of the time, 24 hours a day. However, standard Juicia transfers are only posted on business days.

There is also Express Juicia, i.e. transfers for people who do not want to wait. In this service, money is transferred almost in real time. It is thanks to Express Juicia that it is possible to make loans in several minutes. No external entity participates in the transaction, the infrastructure of KIR and NBP is used. Express Juicia is usually charged extra, and the amounts for the transfer range from a few to several zlotys.

What is a Burnet transfer?

There are also Burnet transfers that are mainly used to handle large-value transactions. Transfers over PLN 1 million must be made under this very system, operated by the NBP. Burnet transfers are made in real time, their booking lasts up to an hour. At the client’s request, the system also supports transactions for smaller amounts. Burnet has one major disadvantage – it is expensive to order such a transfer, usually you have to pay for it above PLN 30.

When will the loan money appear in the account?

You have received a positive credit decision and now what? How long will it take for the transfer to be credited from the lender? When will money from a non-bank loan appear in the account? To find out the answers, first check if the loan company has an account with the same bank as you.

Most institutions have accounts in several banks, which significantly facilitates the granting of loans. If you have an account in the same bank, the money should appear on your account within a few minutes.

Some lending institutions use instant transfers, which shortens the cash path to your account, regardless of which bank you have an account with. However, even if the lender supports Surecash or Express Juicia transfers, remember that most weekends are non-working days.

The same goes for banks. Although both Surecash and Express Juicia are theoretically available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, only some banks support them at weekends.

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