O2 Academy Edinburgh revitalized with a brand new sound and lighting installation

O2 Academy Edinburgh revitalized with a brand new sound and lighting installation

O2 Academy Edinburgh revitalized with a brand new sound and lighting installation

UK – Academy Music Group (AMG) has once again enlisted the support of Liverpool-based Adlib to co-design and install a high-end touring specification for its audio and lighting systems at its new venue in Scotland, the O2 Academy in Edinburgh, with a capacity of 3,000. .

A Grade B listed building with a unique history, the former Corn Exchange was built in 1909 and acquired by Academy Music Group in August 2021, to build on its heritage as one of the largest multi-purpose spaces in the city. city ​​and develop it into one of Edinburgh’s premier venues for live music and entertainment.

The project was spearheaded by AMG Group Chief Operating Officer, Steve Hoyland, with Adlib Managing Director, Andy Dockerty, who together defined the world-renowned, industry-standard L-Acoustics K2 system. “Our latest acquisition, O2 Academy Edinburgh, has huge potential, with the right ability to bring more world-class entertainment to the city. By investing in brand new state-of-the-art sound production and lighting facilities technology, we can really improve our offering for a wider variety of events, as one of the core venues in our portfolio,” says Steve Hoyland.

“We have a long-standing relationship with Academy Music Group,” says Dockerty. “Working with the team and the O2 Academy Edinburgh Technical Director, Rob Watson, was essential in the design, specification and installation of an audio system to provide excellent venue coverage in what was traditionally a complex audio room.The lighting system also provides a high level of industry standard facilities and options, meaning any touring artist can facilitate high specification audio and lighting production with the in-house equipment.The standard of the house is of such high specification that there should never be a need to bring a production on tour which will benefit all parties.

There are eight K2 cabinets per side, supported by three Kara 2 cabinets per side suspended from the lower ceiling height, filling in the lower left and right areas that the main K2 pendants cannot cover. These are complemented by two further L-Acoustics A10 speakers per side, acting as delays for the lower ceiling area. Two further A10 enclosures per side are positioned on the subs providing forward fills. The subwoofers are the L-Acoustics KS 28 of which there are four per side. To cover the small balcony at the back of the room, there are four L-Acoustics X8 speakers suspended from the ceiling just in front of the balcony.

The system is powered by LA12X amplifiers and additional signal processing is provided by two of L-Acoustics’ latest P1 processors. The consoles are both the incredibly popular DiGiCo SD12, and the system has a three-way split to allow for any broadcast splits that might be needed.

Also on site are twelve AAMP5 Bi-Amp corner monitors, an AA215 drum box and side fills including a pair of AA DF 122 Mid Highs and AA DF 215HL subs, all powered by Linea.

Do some research on LR44s. There is a huge selection of microphones and stands as part of the in-house offering.

The centerpiece of the lighting system consists of 12 Ayrton Diablo-S profiles. Following success at other Academy Music Group venues, and featuring a premium optical platform, these moving lights feature full modern functionality, designed to support any show . They’re backed by 18 Martin MAC Aura XB fixtures, delivering wash coverage with their well-known punch and versatility.

Twenty Robe LEDBeam150 luminaires increase the range in the hall for dance events, distributed on the roof and the ground. The main lighting chosen is six Chauvet E-910FC Full Color LED profiles, providing classic warm light as standard, with full color control if desired. Six Elation CUEPIX WW2 LED blinkers complete the system. A fully LED source platform eliminates the need for lamp replacement and increases color options for incoming shows while being a durable choice.

The light fixtures are distributed over three trusses, as well as another rear beam for curtains or decorative elements. Lighting control is based on an Avolites Arena. The Titan platform was chosen for its excellent speed, “bus capacity” and success in other Academy Music Group venues, and the Arena model was selected for an increased level of hardware control.

“We wanted it to be rock & roll,” says technical director Rob Watson. “It’s a cracking system and a cracking platform, it covers the whole room. What Adlib has provided gives a guarantee of consistency and professionalism. The level it should be, a system Class A support and Class A support, we couldn’t ask for anything more.

photos: Alan Rennie and Cameron Brisbane

March 28, 2022

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