North Liverpool Leisure Center will remain closed



A leisure center north of Liverpool will remain closed until winter after renovations were delayed.

The Peter Lloyd Lifestyles Center in Tuebrook was scheduled to reopen in the fall after extensive repair work.

However, culture consultancy firm member Harry Doyle confirmed in an update to advisers that complications with the renovations have pushed back its opening date.

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Councilor Doyle did not give details of the delay in his latest update to the council’s select culture and tourism economy committee.

He said: “Peter Lloyd remains closed to the public pending the completion of essential repairs.

“The Council has invested around £ 500,000 of capital in Peter Lloyd and I hope this shows our commitment to serving and promoting physical activity in our city.

“It was hoped that Peter Lloyd would open in the fall, however, due to complications and additional repairs needed (thus more capital), this pushed the opening date back to winter 2021.”

Two other Lifestyles centers closed since the start of the pandemic, Everton Park and Park Road, were able to reopen to visitors in September.

However, Councilor Doyle said staff shortages meant they were currently opening limited services at certain times and opening six days a week as part of their phased reopening plan.

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