NBA: LeBron James’ investments that put him on the right track to become a billionaire


James lebron“The status is far beyond that of a basketball star. He’s one of the all-time greats in the game, but what he’s done off the pitch has arguably been even more impressive.

Throughout his career, he has been one of the most profitable sportsmen on the planet. James is not a typical athlete, but also a businessman and a money making machine.

Nike’s symbol of greatness

At 18, the biggest shoe companies were knocking on his door. With Adidas, Reebok and Nike a choice, James chose the latter, although their offering is not the most important of the three, as it associates them with greatness.

Nike are probably the most well-known brand he has worked with for an extended period of time, and he currently wears his 18th signature shoe.

A major shareholder in many companies

James has signed approval agreements with AT&T, Pepsi and Calm, but he also owns large stakes in a number of companies that have helped him become a billionaire.

Fenway Sports Group

James and longtime business partner Maverick Carter are now co-owners of the Boston Red Sox and also have shares in Liverpool FC.

SpringHill Entertainment: The Film Industry

SpringHill Entertainment is another than James owns, and it is its gateway to the film industry. The company has also produced shows and the upcoming film “ Space Jam: A New Legacy, ” in which James stars.

Uninterrupted: a communication company

Laura Ingraham’s “shut up and dribble” remark on Fox News James realize that he wants to control his own media. Uninterrupted allows athletes to tell their own stories, starting with short videos on social media. Their slogan “More than an athlete” says it all.

Pizza Blaze

James entered the food industry in 2012 by investing in Pizza blade.


Perhaps the least known of his investments, but James and Mike Mancias created Ladder together, which is a sports nutrition company. They are also associated with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Beats by Dre

This investment came a long time ago, and James was described by ESPN as having received “the biggest cash payment in history for a professional athlete” when he made $ 30 million from the sale of the company to Apple.

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