Mouse plague bait still depends on APVMA approval


The first barrel of a mouse poison so potent it has been banned for years will arrive in NSW this week and hundreds of farmers are scrambling for some of the ‘napalm-like’ weapon in their pockets. war against the current scourge of the mouse.

But when trucks loaded with the world’s deadliest mouse poison arrive in Dubbo this week, it will still be illegal to use the state government on an emergency permit from the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA ) to spread laced cereal. with the deadly bromadiolone around the perimeter of farm pens across NSW.

Luke Grant talks to Xavier Martin, NSW Farmers’ vice president and grain producer of Mullaley on the Liverpool Plains, who feels we are playing catch-up and it’s because the government was not ready to do more hard, earlier.

“This mouse plague will be a major financial blow to the NSW economy, as it is not just about grain harvesting and food production, but all businesses, traders and employees as well. regions that depend on the agricultural sector. The New South Wales grain industry alone employs over 10,000 people in the regional areas, ”says Martin.

“Every day we delay in taking effective action to control these mice will increase the economic losses and the likelihood that we will still be fighting the mice at Christmas.

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