Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham lays out plan to make the Liverpool region ‘smarter, fairer and cleaner’



Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram spoke of the ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ by revealing his roadmap for delivering his vision for a stronger, fairer and cleaner Liverpool city region – without leaving nobody on the side.

In his manifesto for the May election, Mayor Rotheram pledged to create a London-style integrated transport system that would make getting around the area fast, cheap and reliable.

He also pledged to provide a £ 150million Covid recovery fund, guaranteed employment, apprenticeship or training opportunity for young people and to position the region as a leader in the green industrial revolution.

The Combined Authority’s 62-page business plan details how the mayor’s manifesto will come to fruition for the city region’s 1.6 million residents, with success judged by “health, happiness and good.” -be rather than just the GDP ”.

Under five headings for a fairer, stronger, cleaner, more connected and dynamic city-region, the plan defines 62 activities for the next three years.

It emphasizes collaboration with the six local authorities of the City Region and details what success will look like by 2024.

It also sets the ambitions of the City Region at 10 years and proposes a new long-term Prosperity Plan.

All activities will be supported by tackling the region’s “three most pressing challenges”: recovering from the pandemic, tackling the glaring inequalities exposed, and in some cases widened, by the pandemic and coping with it. climate emergency.

Steve Rotheram, Liverpool City Region Underground Mayor, said:

“I am extremely proud to have been re-elected mayor of Metro for the best place in the world. After a very difficult year, we have a huge task ahead of us to rebuild and reshape our economy.

“By working with the leaders of our local councils, we have the unique opportunity to be the authors of the next chapter in the long and rich history of our region.

Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham

“We have made tremendous progress since I was first elected, investing over hundreds of millions of pounds in every part of our region to create over 9,000 jobs, 5,500 apprenticeships and over 15,000 housing. We took the power from Westminster and the funding from Whitehall – and we used them to chart our own course, with local people making decisions in the best interests of our communities.

“If my first mandate was to build the delivery machines, then it was to make sure that they triggered on all cylinders, rapidly increasing the speed and scale of delivery.

“This plan is the roadmap for a greener, stronger and more equitable future for our region, with better public transport, more opportunities for local populations and real action to fight climate change. By working together, we will build a region without leaving anyone behind.

The business plan lists projects ranging from delivering the city region’s new public rail fleet to housing the homeless and creating jobs for the local population.

It also reveals how the City Region will seek to capitalize on its national and international reputation to secure investment and tourism, while strengthening its reputation as a global leader in materials science, infectious disease control and high performance computing.

The document details how public transport will be “reformed, fully integrated and will offer a real alternative to the car”. Over the next three years, a fleet of 53 new trains will have been delivered along with a 212 km ultra-fast digital network for businesses and progress will have been made towards bus reform, transport deconcentration and public ownership.

Key green projects include a fleet of hydrogen buses, the provision of energy efficient housing and public buildings, district heating and the advancement of tidal power from Mersey – as the city region positions itself as the leader in the green industrial revolution, with the potential to become Energy Coast ‘.

A £ 150million Covid Stimulus Fund and community wealth building – including proposals for a community bank – are at the center of plans to build a different economy that will benefit and strengthen local communities while creating quality jobs.

A Youth Guarantee to support those under 25 towards employment, training or apprenticeship is at the top of the list of construction projects for a fairer city-region.

Plans to tackle food poverty, homelessness, racial inequalities and digital exclusion are also included.

Finally, the business plan details how the Combined Authority will make the city region a great place to live, visit and work. Recognizing the status of the Liverpool City region as a diverse, welcoming and culturally vibrant place, with an internationally recognized brand, the document presents plans for thousands of new homes, regeneration of previously developed land, investment in culture and tourist attraction.

But the plan, signed by the mayor of Metro, the leaders and the mayor of the six local authorities in the city region, underscores the need for “a truly equitable distribution of public funds to local areas” because “national funding becomes more and more competitive and fragmented “.


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