Liverpool MPs denounce abuse as mayor calls for respect for staff


Liverpool MPs have spoken out against the abuse they have suffered – while Mayor Joanne Anderson called on people to treat staff with respect.

The tragic murder of Conservative MP David Amess last week sparked debate and conversation about how politicians and people in public roles are treated.

A number of MPs spoke of the threats and abuse they receive on a daily basis, with calls for more civility in public life.

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Liverpool Wavertree MP Paula Barker released a statement explaining that she and her fellow City MP have been the target of “frequent derogatory comments” from a particular person on social media.

She said: “I have never met this person or had a conversation with them, but he does make personal comments about my appearance, calls us slag and makes personal comments about my good friend Kim Johnson MP including a vile comment suggesting that Kim is a ‘white toy for middle class man.

“There is no place for misogyny and certainly no place for such hatred in our society.”

She added: “As an MP I frequently receive threats and abuse, but my voice will not be silenced because my constituents need me to represent them and that is what I will do.”

Meanwhile, Liverpool’s mayor-elect called on residents to treat council staff with respect – following reports of ‘unreasonable and abusive’ behavior towards them.

She said: “I know how much the residents appreciate the hard work done by the officers of the Liverpool City Council. However, I have unfortunately witnessed a small handful of people displaying unreasonable and abusive behavior – a la both verbal and written – to the very people who were trying to help them.

“I have been so impressed with the dedication of the council officers who work hard for the people of Liverpool. The past 18 months have been exceptionally difficult, and they have worked long hours amid the enormous pressures of Covid. As they strive to clear any backlog, I ask residents to be patient and understanding.

Mayor Joanne Anderson

“Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and our staff don’t come to work to be verbally assaulted.

“Unreasonable behavior prevents them from doing their vital work and prevents the organization from accommodating the requests of other residents. I want to make it clear that this behavior will not be tolerated, and we have a clear policy to deal with this.

“I want our agents to know that they are valued and appreciated. What makes our city great are our people – so continue to show the warmth, kindness and respect for which we are known. “

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