Landwood Group joins ASTL


Landwood Group joined the Association of Short Term Lenders (ASTL) as an associate member.

Landwood Group covers property, plant and equipment and provides recovery and appraisal, asset management, project and construction consulting and real estate auction services.

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It has a team of chartered surveyors in offices in Manchester, Liverpool and London.

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Michael Fitzpatrick, Director of Property at Landwood Group, said: Property is an important part of our proposition at Landwood Group and we offer salvage advice, appraisals, real estate advisory services, sales, rentals and auctions.

Our real strength comes from our years of experience in the distressed properties field, with myself and a number of my colleagues acting as fixed load receivers.

At the heart of all of these services, we constantly focus on rapid turnover while continuing to deliver high standards, and we are pleased to become Associate Members of ASTL, as the leading professional body to uphold standards in this. part of the market. ”

Vic Jannels (photo), CEO of ASTL, added: I am really happy to welcome Landwood Group on board as associate members of ASTL. We are growing our workforce with like-minded companies that demonstrate a commitment to high standards and the end customer.

“This helps to increase the reputation of the short-term lending industry and to create a larger market for all of our members, associate members and intermediaries involved in this area.”

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