Klopp believes Premier League clubs shouldn’t be punished


Jurgen Klopp has insisted that Premier League clubs which played a role in the breakaway Super League should not be punished for supporting the project.

Liverpool have been revealed as one of the 12 founding members of the European Super League alongside the remaining traditional Premier League ‘Big Six’, as well as heavyweights from La Liga and Serie A.

However, their association with the league lasted only 48 hours, with the Reds and their rivals retreating amid a huge backlash from players and fans alike. But Klopp believes his team and the others shouldn’t face penalties for their role in shaping the new league.

“It’s above me,” Klopp told reporters, when asked about a possible point deduction for his team and other Super League founders. “What can I say about this?

“I don’t see a reason to punish the clubs because nothing happened. We’re in the same situation as before. Why did Bury and Wigan get points deducted? It’s slightly different, I would say. If someone wants to punish us, I can’t change that. “

UEFA President Alexander Ceferin insisted that clubs that were part of the European Super League be treated accordingly. He told 24ur: “I would say the English clubs have made a very good decision and we will take it into account.”

Although no decision has yet been made on a punishment, Ceferin admitted he would take it into consideration, and added: “We will talk about football, but in meetings I will decide who sits next to me. . So I can put someone. A little further. “

He concluded: “If these clubs want to play in our competition again, they will have to get closer to us and we will have to assess what has happened, but I don’t want to go into details as we are still talking to our legal department. . team. “

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