Kind gesture of a nurse for a patient forced to abandon his dog after being in hospital

A patient found his dog thanks to the benevolent gesture of a nurse.

The dog’s owner, John, was hospitalized, forcing him to find alternative care for his beloved Boomer, which prompted him to go to a shelter.

However, caring nurse Jennifer Smith – who works at Adult Day Healthcare in Grand at Rome, New York – took it upon herself to make sure John and Boomer didn’t get lost.

When she learned what had happened, she immediately went to the shelter and adopted John Boomer’s dog.

Since being placed in his care, Boomer has visited John every day until he was ready to return home.

In the post on Facebook, which has racked up over 5,000 shares, said: “After John was hospitalized he was forced to donate his dog to the Rome Humane Society.

“When our RN Jennifer heard about it, she immediately went there and adopted John’s dog so she could bring him to visit while he completes his rehab!

That’s what #BeGrand means! “

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In the images above, you can see the heartwarming reunion when Jennifer brought Boomer in to see Jonh – and his reaction is priceless.

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John was reunited with Boomer when nurse Jennifer adopted him
John was reunited with Boomer when nurse Jennifer adopted him

Marcia McKinney said: “Great bet her rehab is going a lot better knowing her best friend is around.”

Debbie Edkins Hetherington added, “What a great thing to do. There is nothing more rewarding than doing a good deed and knowing that you have made a difference.

Cindy Ciotti Guiliano posted: “Such a beautiful gift God bless her. Quick recovery for John ”

Alice Page commented: “Amazing. Jennifer, you are a wonderful and caring person. The smile on John’s face says it all.

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