John Cleese takes offense with joke about Scouse stereotype


John Cleese joked about the stereotype that the Liverpudlians are thieves. (Getty Images)

John Cleese has offended the people of Liverpool by making a joke about the old stereotype that the Scousers are thieves.

81 year old man Fawlty towers star was responding to news that carmaker Ford is investing £ 230million in its Merseyside plant.

Cleese tweeted: “Glad to see Ford is creating 500 more jobs on Merseyside. Hopefully no one does a half inch out of the plant.”

Half an inch is a slang rhyme for stealing. The people of Liverpool are traditionally known as Scousers after the Scouse stew that originated in the area.

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Many Twitter users responded to Cleese’s tweet saying they were “disappointed” with the “tired old stereotype” and called it a “lazy joke”.

Scouserella tweeted “We’re not all thieves who are tired of being tarred with the same stereotypical paintbrush. You have thieves everywhere, but we scousers are the best, funniest and kindest of all. “

Ian mcnabb pointed out that the HandMade Films production company of Liverpudlian and Beatle George Harrison funded the 1979 Cleese film The Life of Brian of Monty Python.

And another Twitter user accused Cleese of stealing a 1980s joke.

Graham Chapman (1941-1989), John Cleese, George Harrison (1943-2001), Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones performing

Beatles star George Harrison performed “The Lumberjack Song” with Monty Python in 1976. (Getty Images)

It was recently revealed that Cleese is set to present a new TV series exploring the phenomenon of cancellation culture.

Monty Python star to meet with both those affected by the cancellation and those behind the cancellation of the Channel 4 series John Cleese: Cancel me.

He will consider whether it is possible to make good comedy without offending someone, and examine the effects on the lives of the people who have provoked outrage through their work or their comments.

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One of Cleese’s best-known series is the 1970s sitcom Fawlty towers, who saw him at the Cancel Crop reception last year when an episode titled The Germans was tagged with a content warning after being briefly removed from the BBC and UKTV during its review.

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