How The Women’s Organization has supported women for over 25 years

The social enterprise Women’s Organization is leading the way in providing training and advice to women to get started in business on Merseyside.

The social enterprise is hosting a seminar this week to encourage more women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

During and after the lockdown The Women’s Organization (TWO) delivered a record number of training and counseling sessions.

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Head of Business Advice Plus at TWO, Sophia Kennedy told ECHO: “We have an obligation to connect and empower women to grow together in every way and we offer a variety of pathways to achieve this.”

The number of people coming into contact with TWO nearly tripled during the lockdown period.

Sophia said: “A sign of resilience and tenacity in the face of adversity faced by women throughout the pandemic.

“It’s fantastic to see so many women taking charge of their future and investing in their professional and personal development.

“As long as there is dynamism and opportunities, the team will do everything to help as many women as possible”.

A few weeks into the lockdown, TWO took a hybrid approach to hosting sessions and hosting events.

Sophia Kennedy Head of Business Advice Plus at The Women’s Organization

They were able to offer their services and events online, offering more than 160 events, trainings and webinars and held more than 1,000 virtual business consulting appointments.

Over 3,000 women accessed training programs and TWO was able to respond to over 4,000 requests that were connected to the right support.

Sophia added: “The hybrid working model has been a huge success and continues to provide opportunities as the business world finds its feet after the lockdown.

“More flexible working is something women (particularly mothers and carers) have been asking for for a long time.

“We are a fantastic example of agile working that can dramatically increase productivity and deliver huge benefits across the board.”

TWO is hosting a panel on February 11 to empower women to start or grow a business in the STEM industry. It will be moderated by an esteemed panel of successful women operating in the industry.

The panel includes Jade Parkinson-Hill, entrepreneur and marketing professional, Joanna Bateman, civil engineer specializing in traffic light design, and Diana Powell, CEO and founder of Wirral Unplugged (WU).

Jade has created an award-winning educational technology platform to teach children about future technologies including flying taxis, space travel and the metaverse.

STEM Ambassador Joanna Bateman is a civil engineer who specializes in traffic light design.

Joanna Bateman, STEM Ambassador
Joanna Bateman, STEM Ambassador

Joanna said, “I’m grateful to TWO for providing a platform to talk.

“Conversations like this help highlight career opportunities and inspire future generations.

“Research has shown, from an early age, certain professions are perceived as gender specific.

“It is important to challenge these stereotypes.”

“We need to empower women in the industry to use their voice, ensuring they are supported in their careers.

Latest panelist, CEO and Founder of Wirral Unplugged (WU) Diana Powell, helps parents and children disconnect from technology and explore it together.

Office space and staircase inside the Women's Organization building
Office space and staircase inside the Women’s Organization building

Georgina Feeney worked in the banking industry for over 20 years, rising from retail to a senior director of private banking for NatWest Group.

With the help of TWO, she established herself as an independent consultant in mortgage and real estate financing in 2021.

Georgina said: “Simply put, my professional journey would not have been possible without the help I received.

“TWO gave me access to all the professional help to take my business plan from concept to reality.

“Perhaps most importantly, TWO connected me with other risk-taking women in equally unfamiliar territory.

“Being able to share ideas, experiences and be part of this network gave me the confidence I needed to get through those scary milestones and the determination I needed to keep going through tough times.”

Women and business leaders are also invited to the Connect – Netwalking event in Princes Park on February 24 from 8.30am, where women can walk and talk in company.

TWO, ​​the UK‘s largest developer and provider of training and support for women, has supported over 60,000 women and helped create over 4,000 businesses since its launch in 1996.

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