GetAgent: Demand for housing classified at 52.7%


Across the country, the average demand for listed homes is currently 52.7%, with more than half of all listed homes already offered or sold under contract, according to GetAgent.

The highest demand was seen in Bournemouth (76.9%), followed by Southampton (75.9%), Sheffield (66.7%), Oxford (61.9%), and Portsmouth (60%).

However, despite the high demand in many cities, the chances of actually purchasing a listed home remain low.

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Indeed, listed homes represent such a small percentage of homes currently on the market, only 3.7% of all inventory for sale across the country.

There were only four major cities where availability exceeded this average; Southampton (6.9%), Manchester (6.2%), Plymouth (6%), and Liverpool (4.9%).

In all other major cities the availability of notes was found to be below average, nowhere more than in Glasgow (0.2%), Edinburgh (0.4%) and Aberdeen (0.5%) and Swansea (0.7%), Cardiff (0.8%), and Newport (0.8%).

Colby Short, Founder and CEO of GetAgent, said, “Demand in the housing market is incredibly high and buyers are making extraordinary efforts to secure purchases and fend off competitors.

“For sellers, this is great news; they have rarely been in a stronger position than they are today.

“But maybe the ones who are in the strongest position of all are the sellers with a listed home.

“They are particularly difficult to find and their unique nature keeps them in high demand among homebuyers nationwide.

“Of course, they’re not for everyone, and a listed home comes with a set of rules, regulations and responsibilities to follow.

“However, for those who wish to own a small piece of our nation’s historic fabric, they are indeed in great demand.”

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