‘Football For Change’ sponsor congratulated by Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher


Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has praised a city health cabinet after supporting ‘Football For Change’ to help underprivileged young people.

DAM Health, which specializes in coronavirus testing with sites across the UK, supports Football For Change – which is a charity initiative started by Reds star Trent Alexander-Arnold and supported by a number of legends in the UK. football and current players.

Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard also backed the initiative, alongside England and Wolves center-back Conor Coady, Gary Lineker, Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville – all of whom have put their names among so many ‘others in a major effort to help disadvantaged youth opportunities.

Football For Change brings together sports stars and business leaders to help young people get an education or find employment opportunities, as well as support those who face obstacles to unlock their full potential.

“With DAM Health supporting Football for Change, the lives of young people, who have often felt left behind or left behind, will change and they will have a much fairer chance in life,” Carragher said.

“Football For Change is about giving young people the tools to do something positive, whether in education, employment or sport and when companies like DAM Health, which have charitable goals, support it, it will only help. “

The Football For Change initiative is needed more than ever due to the number of underprivileged young people who have seen every chance for a better life taken from their grip due to the effects of Covid-19 with opportunities decimated during the pandemic.

Professor Frank Joseph, who heads DAM Health, is proud of the work accomplished.

“I am proud that we can help disadvantaged young people across the UK by giving our support to Football For Change,” he said.

“DAM Health is already working to keep the coronavirus under control in the UK, while also supporting other countries like India, so this new charity link fits perfectly.

“It is important that we extend our support to young people in our communities who are disadvantaged through no fault of their own. “

Professor Frank Joseph is proud of the work done by DAM.

Professor Joseph launched his first Covid-19 clinic and testing lab in Liverpool last December, but has since opened 10 sites in London with 31 more clinics across the country from Birmingham to Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, Nottingham, Essex, Surrey and Sheffield.

DAM Health is one of the UK’s leading providers of Covid-19 testing solutions and works alongside the Hope Foundation providing air conditioning equipment as well as Covid-19 protection kits, including masks and disinfectants.

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