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Campbell satisfied with stadium news

The lowering of the fourth core, representing the four corners of Everton’s new stadium, as set up at Bramley-Moore Dock (Photo: Anthony McArdle)

Kevin Campbell is pleased that new funding has been found to ensure construction of Everton’s waterfront stadium will continue and says it “just needs to be completed”.

Mystery still surrounds the provider of the £300m investment, but Sky Sports expert Campbell says any concerns over the identity of the investors will have to wait now.

Speaking to Goodison News, he said: “Look, this needs to be over. They’ve started, they’ve got people ready to go, working at different stages. So that money had to be in place. So it’s a good thing for Everton that they know the stadium is going to be done Whoever the backer is will obviously be revealed in time.

“But it’s a big project Everton needed to do and it’s great that someone is in place to fund it all. Look, we don’t know the ins and outs so there’s no point in me trying to speculate. We could be here all year round.

Speaking of the stadium developer, he added: “Getting it done on time and on budget, yes, that’s important. Obviously, it’s Laing O’Rourke saying, ‘Hey, we’re good stadium builders and stick to the cost.’ It’s big. It is important in the construction of stadiums.

“And obviously it’s a feature film because it’s on the water, so there’s a lot of work in this one and if they can deliver it in time, they’ll probably have other work.”

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