Everton and Liverpool should be annoyed by officials’ ‘smug arrogance’

The decision not to award Everton a penalty on Saturday has annoyed fans and Liverpool neutrals in the letterbox. Plus, Tottenham, Roman Abramovich and the League Cup final…

Two views of Tottenham…
In this hyperbolic, ultra-sensationalized, hyperbolic and high-profile sporting world we all live in, it’s all a matter of perspective.

View 1: We have lost 4 of our last 6 league matches. Our manager is acting like an irritable child because he’s never lost his way like this and doesn’t have the emotional stability to handle the situation. We are 7th. Outside Europe. Knocked down for Chelsea to miss the LC final and we are behind Arsenal and West Ham. It was only Leeds. Urgh.

View 2: We’ve taken 6 points from our last 9 (all away games), which included a timeout – and morale boost – win over imperious Manchester City who hadn’t lost since 427 years old. The other victory delivered a clean sheet and could have been a cricket score. Our next game is in the prestigious and very winnable FA Cup, indeed, against Boro. We will be 1 point behind Man U (current holder of the coveted 4th place) if we win our game in hand. We have a proven manager who can’t stand losing and is determined to instill a winning mentality. We are outside of Europe, which means fewer games, less fatigue and better concentration on the 2 competitions that matter. We now have the deadliest partnership, in terms of assists/direct goals, in PL history.

Everything said above is true. With Tottenham all being Spursy, they’ll probably always – pretty much – be true on a rotational and regular basis.

Enjoy those crazy highs and manic lows. This is what we do.
Glen, Stratford Spur

Rodri’s Penalty Decision…
City fan here but this was tough on Everton I was thinking. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take the three points all day but it was crazy handball for me (Clive).

There is no justice in football, is there? If there had been, the change made by the Toffees would have seen them walk away with a point. On the plus side, if they can play like this for their remaining matches, there’s no way they’ll go down. Not convinced as to their finishing spirit.

Anyhoo, forward and upward.
Mark (Angry Phil Foden. Where is he from?). MCFC.

Tierney and Kavanagh on VAR. The same team that brought you the joke decisions when they failed to send Kane on against Liverpool.

I honestly want to believe they are incompetent rather than biased. I don’t want to believe the rumors that Kavangh’s brother is a season ticket holder at Man City. I don’t want to think that two referees from Manchester would somehow feel bias towards the Manchester team.

But it stinks, doesn’t it? I will never understand how Tierney is not at least invited to watch this handball.

One point stolen from Everton tonight which is all the more serious as they could literally be relegated by one point at the rate things are developing.

It’s such a shame that we have one of the best leagues in the world, but the referees are too arrogant, incompetent or stupid to see that they are lacking and working harder to improve or import talent from Europe. I always hoped that VAR would solve the shitty officiating we’ve all been discussing in this country, but instead it just exposed utter incompetence more than ever before.
Mint, LFC

So your armpit, which is anatomically above the t-shirt line, concedes a pen, but you can hit the ball with your upper/middle arm and you can’t? I get it.

Incompetence backed by zero accountability.
Stu, Southampton

Dear F365,

Respect in football has always been low, no matter if you compare it to other sports or to society in general.

Football powerhouses have tried to either campaign for respect as if they were selling flavored milk or force it to issue fines and bans.

Unsurprisingly, neither worked. Respect in football flows every day.

The last straw happened at Goodison Park. I don’t have a horse in this race but you cut it. My club is not threatened with relegation, nor in a realistic hunt for a European final. So, without bias, I can say that the celebrant’s stubborn and smug arrogance was astounding.

I can’t imagine how Everton or Liverpool fans would feel.

I can see how corruption suggestions can be leveled. I can see how the ongoing sense of unfairness felt by Arsenal fans plays out. Right there, before our disbelieving eyes, at an important moment in the game and in the season, the referees just said “no”.

Why? How? ‘Or’ What? It needs to be explained. It won’t be enough to make it look like a mistake and demote referees for a few weeks. There are too many people and too much energy in VAR now to scapegoat a handful of individuals.

So I come back to respect. The leagues and organizations involved demand that referees be respected. Well, when they’re able to behave that way and with far less scrutiny of the impact of their actions… no.

The refereeing has gone crazy, and yet the only way I see to improve the game from here is to add more. Every game should be reviewed in its entirety by an almost super VAR. Cards can be added or canceled and fines imposed. Diving and time-wasting cheaters will be named, carded, ultimately fined and hopefully shamed. Violent acts detected and dealt with. And the same or worse incompetence on the part of referees can also be dealt with.

While that won’t solve deeply unfair results like the ones Everton felt, knowing that such scrutiny of players and referees is coming can only help take the fuel out of this particular fire.
Dr. Oyvind, Earth

I don’t support Liverpool, but this decision by Rodri without a pen after stuff like Moutinho’s decision against City makes me realize the whole place is corrupt. Pep will act insulted if questioned, that guy from town who wrote the other day will say we’re all jealous. Were not. We’re just sick of the work of a financially doped super team being made easier by a reffing system that’s too afraid to go against the dominant team at the time. Maybe I’m too old for this shit

Let’s see someone try to defend that. Appalling that the so-called ‘best league in the world’ has absolutely the worst refereeing in the world.

Worse than Pierluigi Collina, worse than Byron Moreno, worse than MLS.

Invoice TX, EFC

Now, as a Liverpool fan who was born and raised in the heart of the city, which means I’ve spent my whole life among Everton fans too and felt all the anger of their bitterness. and their hatred towards us and I absolutely love how we always seem to have the last laugh every time with them what happened today in Goodison Park was a disgrace to what is supposed to be a high level refereeing. Take away the fact that the pen if scored gives Everton a point meaning we can legitimately take over City once on level plays… if so of course. Suppose this incident happens in Brentford against Southampton, a match that has no bearing on my footballing prejudices. It’s such a joke and an embarrassing decision and what’s worse is that it’s not an anomaly 1 it’s just the latest addition to a long long list

Do I really care I’m half cut in a trainer to Wembley haha
Ryan Liverpool

I won’t watch the League Cup final…
Why I won’t watch the league cup final tomorrow.

As a Liverpool fan, I don’t think I can participate in a show that involves a Russian oligarch so intimately.

Don’t make a mistake Abramovich’s Wealth and the empire is sanctioned by Putin and could only be made possible by using a significant portion of that wealth to fund and support the goals of this Russian regime.

For once, it feels a bit too close to home.

Shankly (I think) described football as the most important thing of the least, but if the same money that’s funding one of these teams on the pitch tomorrow is also funding the buzz of innocent civilians in Ukraine and war and the destabilization of our world, suffice it to say, things got too real for me.

We all disregard the morals of our owners and no Premier League club is perfectly clean I’m sure but there is a line and for me to read the description of what a hyperbaric rocket does to a human being did it for me.

I cannot participate in a spectacle that goes hand in hand with the horror of war and the killing of innocent people. I’m outside.
David LFC

Two answers…
In response to the two MB and Michael, probably a former Chelsea fan.

For both of you, there are a lot of ‘Defend My Team tribal knee jerk’ pills floating around. Looks like I dropped mine in response to MB last time.

You are both right, it is not for me to judge and demand. And sorry I did.

MB – you are of course right. At the top in fact. People/fans should most definitely “be interested in a fan’s thoughts dealing with these messy issues in real time.”

I didn’t mean to be so dismissive.

Michael, probably a former Chelsea fan. You are also right, “I can’t say whether what we think is valid or not”. What was I thinking? And I mean it sincerely. It sounded like the pompous person I accused of being MB. Again, my bad.

Everyone has a valid point of view. If you’re passionate enough and concerned about the issues here to feel like you don’t want to support your team anymore, then that’s serious – and you’ve given it some thought.

And you have every right to share your thoughts – and the last thing you need is, as I said above, my instinctive club defence.

Was probably subconsciously preparing for the Scousers; songs tomorrow.

Arsenal’s list is growing…
Arsenal’s list of ‘pathetic feuds’ is growing. Wolves are now on it, with Bolton, Birmingham, Stoke, Wigan, Watford and Brighton (getting rocked by Neal Maupay!).

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