Diego Simeone ignored Jurgen Klopp’s handshake after Liverpool win, but it’s not the first time he’s been shut out


For the most part, handshakes are a thing of the past after the COVID-19 pandemic, with many opting for a punch, nudge, or, perhaps more cautiously, a smile.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is a very tactile (and tactical) person, however, but it seems people are avoiding the German’s grip.


Klopp was disappointed not to receive a handshake from Simeone in the Champions League

The latest example was after the Reds’ 3-2 win over Atletico Madrid in the Champions League on Tuesday, when Atletico boss Diego Simeone ran straight into the tunnel after the whistle blew at full time had sounded.

“The situation is clear: I want to shake his hand and he didn’t want to shake mine,” Klopp told BT Sport.

“His reaction was definitely not the right one, but mine wasn’t too cool either.

“But we’re both emotional, so when I see him next time we’ll shake hands, definitely, like nothing has happened.”

“He was obviously angry, not at me but at the game, and that’s nothing else.”

Believe it or not, Simeone very often – win, lose or draw – goes down the tunnel full time, even when his side have scored a last minute winner against Osasuna to more or less take the La Liga title. last season.

Would Simeone's handshake be as intense as his celebrations?


Would Simeone’s handshake be as intense as his celebrations?

He even said after the game: “I never shake hands after a game because I don’t like it. It is neither healthy for the one who wins nor for the one who loses. This is how I see it.

“But now when I see [Klopp], I’ll shake hands with him without any problem.

The Simeone snob must have brought back bad memories for the Liverpool boss when his own player Sadio Mane refused to acknowledge his hand after a win last season.

The Reds had just beaten rivals Manchester United 4-2 at Old Trafford, but Diogo Jota was selected in the starting XI ahead of Mane, who had to settle for a place among the substitutes.

Mane snubbed Klopp's hand last season - but things are being forgotten now

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Mane snubbed Klopp’s hand last season – but things are being forgotten now

Klopp insists he had no issues with this

Air sports

Klopp insists he had no issues with this

The Senegalese winger was visibly frustrated full-time, ignoring Klopp’s outstretched palm in front of the TV cameras.

But the charismatic coach quickly played down the snub and, when asked if he challenged the snub, he replied at the time, “No, no problem.

“Yesterday I made a late decision in training to decide on Diogo.

The German is famous for his hugs

The German is famous for his hugs

“The boys are used to me explaining things usually, but actually there was no time for that and that was it. Everything is fine.

While these two incidents are totally unrelated, it’s not nice to see Klopp’s desire to bring the handshake back into society go deaf. ears fingers.

Just a tip for next time, Jurgen: antibacterial hand gel.

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