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We have a cost of living crisis, an energy crisis, a housing crisis, an NHS crisis, a care crisis, and now, apparently, a dental crisis (‘dental deserts’ are forming in England as dentists leave NHS, experts warn, May 1). It may be time to elect a capable government.
Cherry Weston

Chris Sinha says the English education system “is based on three Cs: competition, coercion and cramming” (Letters, May 1). Unfortunately, another C comes to mind: cheating, mainly by private schools playing the education system to their advantage.
Bernie Evans

Does anyone have any suggestions on how this anti-monarchist can participate in upcoming jubilee jinks without feeling like a hypocrite? There must be a way to convince me that it’s OK; I’m sick of being angry about everything all the time.
Anthony Blane

Isn’t it time to stop qualifying public holidays as public holidays (Letters of April 27)? There are very few banks left to close for the day. And online banking is “open” every day of the week.
Mike Pender

I will never again see the phrase ‘parochial pomp politics’ in the same light as before (Tory MP Neil Parish faces inquiry into allegations of viewing pornography in the House of Commons, 29 April) .
Aidan Ingoldsby
County Wicklow, Ireland

Are tractors the new girls?
Louise Harper

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