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Payday loans from Norte Bank are granted at a fixed or variable rate and up to a maximum amount of $ 100,000 with maximum terms of up to 60 months

Payday loans from Norte Bank are granted at a fixed or variable rate and up to a maximum amount of $ 100,000 .

The terms go up to 60 months . Depending on the term, fixed or variable rate can be obtained:

  • Fixed Rate: Up to 18 months
  • Variable rate: From 19 to 60 months

The financing amounts range from $ 1,000 to $ 100,000 pesos.

Being a free destination, money can be used to make arrangements at home, give something away or make trips.

Who can acquire or obtain a Payday loan Nation Free Destination?

Natural persons, in labor activity, eligible to be bound, with a maximum age at the date scheduled for the cancellation of the loan that is not higher than the one expected to retire in the scheme to which they belong and retirees, provided they can take out insurance of life on debit balance that covers them during the entire term of the loan.

What is the minimum working age required?

In dependency relationship: for permanent employees six months old in employment, with provable continuity of one year and for contracted one year old in employment and current contract.

Autonomous: for those enrolled in Earnings one year in the exercise of the profession or trade from the presentation of the first DDJJ of Earnings, and for Monotributistas two years old in the profession or trade from the inscription in the Monotax.

Acquire or obtain a Payday loan Nation Free Destination

Minimum Net Revenue Required: $ 1,500

The loan repayment system is French .

And life insurance?

Debt cancellation due to the death of the holder, a monthly fee is applied to the fee, calculated on the debt balance. The Bank of the Argentine Nation offers as alternatives two companies: Nación Seguros SA and Sancor Cooperativa de Seguros Ltda.

Compañía Nación Seguros SA or Sancor Seguros SA

  • Up to 64 years (inclusive): 0.20% monthly.
  • From 65 to top of the line: 0.40% monthly.

Net share / income ratio:

The fee must not exceed 20% of the monthly salary. The affectation percentage will be made based on the first installment of the loan calculated for 30 days.

A single firm subject to the credit evaluation, from which in the judgment of the Bank Manager may request a co-debtor.

What are the rates of same day loans from Norte Bank?

Term Deadlines TNA (1) TEM (2) ASD (3)
Fixed rate Up to 18 months 31.00% 2.58% 36.39%
Variable rate (*) 19 to 24 months 31.00% 2.58% 36.39%
Variable rate (*) 25 to 36 months 32.50% 2.71% 38.43%
Variable rate (*) 37 to 48 months 35.50% 2.96% 42.59%
Variable rate (*) 49 to 60 months 36.00% 3.00% 43.29%
(1) Annual Nominal Rate
(2) Monthly Effective Rate
(3) Annual Effective Rate

(*) Variable rate will be applied, adopting for this purpose the interest rate adjustment that will be determined for the first day of the months of January, April, July and October of each calendar year, being enforced from those dates when The rate is reduced compared to the previous period. Otherwise (if the rate increases), the Bank may, in its sole discretion, apply it or not, from any day of the corresponding period. For the determination, the rate resulting from the simple average of the rate that arises from the daily survey of interest rates for fixed-term deposits of more than one million pesos paid by private banks reported by the BCRA (BADLAR paid by banks) will be adopted private or the one that replaces it in the future) for the totality of the days of the month immediately preceding the date foreseen for the variation, namely December, March, June and September to which twenty (20) annual percentage points will be added additional.

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