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While putting the world on hold, COVID-19 has not been able to lock in love, according to the latest relationship research.

A study commissioned by online dating site eharmony and relationship service provider Interrelate found Australian couples have remained strong during the pandemic.

About 90 percent of those polled say they have remained stable or improved their relationship since the start of 2020.

For the 92 percent of couples who have cohabited in the past year, facing side-by-side 24/7 has generally not been a problem.

In fact, the non-stop camaraderie mostly seems to have worked in their favor, with 57 percent benefiting from more open and honest conversations, a stronger emotional connection, and a sense of becoming more of a team.

“It’s hard to get quality time in modern society and the global pandemic has made it possible for couples to spend those times together that they wouldn’t normally have,” said eharmony spokesperson Sharon Draper.

“The lockdowns impose a degree of closeness on them that they might not otherwise see.

“This time spent together can allow couples to relax and open up to each other, leading to effective communication and allowing each individual to be themselves.”

Couples with children have also become more connected, with 45% feeling closer to their entire family with their children at home.

Thirty percent said they learned more about their partner as a parent when they were at home together.

Additional research on Interrelate found that parents are 94% more likely to have positive feelings towards their family ties, with 68% of couples seeing more partners since the start of the pandemic.

“COVID-19 has presented complexities that are important to all relationships, but we have certainly seen that the desire for connection within couples and family units has increased,” said Sharon Grocott, head of research and development. innovation of the company.

New romances are also doing well, with 12% of people together for a year or less already looking to buy a house together, get married, or start a family within six months.

Australian singles looking for love seem to want what they have too, with 46% of them ready to meet “the one” when the world reopens.

Researchers have found that the love of lockdown, at least for now, can even help send dating back a thing of the past, with 80% of singles giving casual relationships the blow after 2020.

In fact, 39% say they no longer want to waste time playing on the field and would prefer to find “the person” to settle down with as soon as possible.

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