Amandla Stenberg | Amandla Stenberg, Laura Dern and Donald Sutherland in Ozi


Amandla Stenberg, Laura Dern and Donald Sutherland will join the cast of the animated film “Ozi”.

Djimon Hounsou, RuPaul and Dean Charles-Chapman are also among those who lend their voices to the new film.

The film focuses on deforestation in the Indonesian rainforest, following the story of a teenage orangutan, Ozi, who is orphaned when his forest house is set on fire.

Amandla will voice the main character of the film, Laura will voice her mother, Donald will voice an albino crocodile, Djimon will voice Ozi’s father, Dean will voice Chance, Ozi’s guide and RuPaul will voice Gurd, the son and heir of Mr. Smiley.

The film is the brainchild of Keith Chapman – who is also behind the worldwide success of children’s television “Paw Patrol”. Mike Medavoy and Appian Way Productions are co-producing the film.

“Ozi” is produced and funded by CGI Film and is in full animation ahead of a summer 2022 release. Tim Harper is leading the project with a screenplay written by Ricky Roxburgh.

Medavoy said: “It’s a real pleasure to be a part of Ozi, a film that brought together creative minds from all over the world – led by talent from the UK – and I’m glad we got a stellar cast. . “

Adam Stanhope, Co-Founder of CGI Film, said, “It is a testament to the strength of Ozi’s story that we have brought such influential partners and expertise.

“We knew we needed to assemble a global team to shed light on an issue that can only be solved through concerted international action, so we are delighted to announce today that we have the support of these Hollywood icons.”

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